The Perfect Family

Ladies, gents, parents and step-parents.

Good morning. How are you? Have you had your morning coffee yet? No? I’m not surprised. Being a parent is hard, isn’t it? I don’t feel like a parent some days. I still feel like that wild and free 17 year old who, even though has no ‘real’ problems, had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Wow, I can’t wait until Ryan is going through that phase. You know the one I mean. The exams, the friends, the parties, the young love. I can’t wait to help him through all the problems I felt like I had, only to look back and wonder ‘Why was I so stressed then?’

Ryan is my step son, by the way. He’s the reason this blog is being written. And the reason I’ve been a parent for the last 5 years, along side my partner Jordan. I’m Hanna, and I’m a Step-Mum. Well without the wedding ring. So I guess I’m still Daddy’s girlfriend, but Ryan calls me his Step-Mum so I’ll take it. But we aren’t the only people in Ryans life that parent, because we’re a team with his Mum and Step-Dad. Honestly, I think we’re a great team. We aren’t without our problems, but 2 families working together is always going to have hiccups. 4 people won’t always agree on the same thing, we each have different parenting styles and different ideas on how to overcome difficulties. But we work together, and so far I’m proud of the almost-ten-year-old boy we’ve raised.

When myself and Jordan first met, I was 19 and in uni. The following summer we started dating and a few months later when we knew there was something special, he introduced me to his son. I scoured the internet for advice on becoming a step-parent and honestly I was disappointed. There didn’t seem to be any advice fitting to me and my situation. It wasn’t until a few months in I realised that’s because being a parent doesn’t have a step-by-step guide. It’s 100% trial and error, and what works for one family might not work for yours. 5 years later, I want to pass the things I’ve learnt along with the mistakes I’ve made, funny stories, horror stories, days when I’ve been sat crying over what to do to the days where I’ve really nailed this whole parenting thing. You can also find recipes that my family love, and other ‘parenty’ things for when you’re lacking inspiration.

So, Ryan, this is for you. Thank you for being an amazing son, and for everything you’ve taught me over the last 5 years. You rock x

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